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We use this space to announce the latest news and events from Lore and our clients, as well as air our opinions on the technology world at large.

June - 01 2000 We made into year 2000 without a glitch or a hic-up. Lore is now in its 6th year and the projects keep getting more interesting as our knowledge and experience keep expanding. 

While we decided not to replace Jeffrey Northrop with another body, we have spent the last year developing much of the skills lost when he left us in September. We are once again in the position to provide Web development services. 

We have however, decided to focus our effort on the programming and the integration with back-end databases and leave the design  to those who have the skills and the patience to do it.

On the Web development side, we have been hired by Direct Capital Corporation, to integrate their existing web site with their custom sales' automation software. The objective was to provide their clients direct access and update their account information as well as allowing them to sign up, apply for services, etc... without human interaction.  The final solution is running in IIS 4.0 interacting with the company's core database (Microsoft SQL 7.0). While the implementation is a great success, we are continuing to enhance the system to allow for better CRM (customer relations management).

On the Custom application development side, we continue to enhance and upgrade previously developed  application. We are finishing up a Insurance Billing and Claims processing software for AWANE (Automotive Wholesalers Association of New England). The project is being developed to replace a UNIX-based system. The tools used for this software are Visual FoxPro 6.0 Microsoft Office 2000 and Seagate Crystal Reports 7.0. This project is scheduled to go live in July.

At this point, I am preparing my annual trip to France. I will be over there from June 13th through July 13th, however, thanks to the technology, I will be reachable via Lore's main phone number and/or via my normal email address. The intent was such, the reality is slightly different as Bell Atlantic is not capable of forwarding to numbers containing more than 10 digits.... their database won't take it. Nevertheless , a phone number in France was given to our clients.

-- Olivier Gaudissart

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