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We use this space to announce the latest news and events from Lore and our clients, as well as air our opinions on the technology world at large.

May 6 - A big "thank you" to everyone who has given their opinion on our new site design. If you have some comments we'd love to hear from you too. For those who were waiting, we now have a couple of case studies posted (more are in the works). I hope you find them interesting and helpful.

Are you an art fan? In two short weeks we're launching Shooting Star Gallery's new site. Fran, the gallery owner, has a fantastic eye for unique works of art, all of which will be available via the Web site. The site will also offer classes. The first class is by Dustan Night and teaches you how to view and appreciate art.

I'm very pleased to report that is quickly finding an audience. Site traffic is growing exponentially and the response has been very positive. For you men out there, check it out -- it really works.

Did you miss Skinner's Motion Picture Poster auction. The Star Wars stuff, as you can imagine, was very hot. You can still see the catalog of items online at their Web site. We've just greatly improved the online bidding process, so if you see something you like on any upcoming auction, go ahead and bid on it -- you do not need to be present at the auction to bid. We've also just improved the online appraisal feature. If you have something you think is valuable, this is a great resource to find out it's market potential.

Holy smokes, have you been following the MediaOne/AT&T/Comcast deal? Here's the short of it: It appears that AT&T is going to pay $54 billion for MediaOne and Comcast will pay AT&T $9 billion for 2 million of MediaOne's cable subscribers. So what, you may ask. Well, aside from the huge amount of money being passed around, this is another example of the seriousness with which the entire media industry expects a rapid increase from 56k modem speeds for the typical Internet users, to 10 to 50 times that speed. If you have a Web site, you should start thinking about multimedia additions, such as music or video. The time is near when these will be standard features.

-- Jeff Northrop 

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