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We hope that the stories below help you understand how technology can be used to improve your business and how Lore can help you reach your goals. If you're thinking of computerizing your business or moving your business onto the Internet, please give us a call (207-439-1059) or fill out this form for a free consultation and estimate.

Fernald Lumber, Inc. - Lore helped this family-run lumber mill make the move from a paper based inventory and sales operation to a fully integrated computerized system.


For nearly two decades, Fernald Lumber did everything by the book, literally. Their entire inventory, which consists of over 1000 different types of lumber and 2 million board feet, was in what they called, "The Computer." The Computer was a large, blue, three ring binder with endless pages of columns and numbers. They understood what was in it, even though no one else could. Still they'll tell you, "it worked."

In 1997 they purchased and installed a UNIX based computer system. However, soon after it's installation and their training, they were disappointed with the results and reverted back to the blue binder system.

In the fall of 1998, at the recommendation of their cost accountant, they called us. They were hesitant to call a custom software developer because they thought it would be too expensive, and, after their last experience, they weren't crazy about the idea of installing another computer system. However, they realized that if it was done right, it would save them a lot of time and money.

To do it right, before starting any development, and even before writing a proposal, we spent a large number of hours learning about their business and operations. This is the most critical step in successfully developing an application. Without a comprehensive knowledge of the business practices of a company, an adequate solution can not be developed.

After understanding all of the in's and out's of Fernald's operations, we set out to find how their process could be automated with the computer. We spent three months developing a Visual FoxPro based application that completely computerized their inventory management and point of sales functions. We were careful not to redesign how they worked, but rather, we used the computer as a tool to eliminate the need for paper based recording.

The system has been in place since January, and the company is already starting to realize time savings and a reduction of errors. In fact, they are so pleased with their new system that we have started discussing other areas of the business that can be computerized.

If you're looking for the best lumber in the Seacoast, NH area, take a visit to Fernald Lumber in Nottingham, NH.

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